Our Idea

Income Token is the future of DeFi. Hodl INCOME tokens in your wallet and  see your BUSD portfolio grow over time. INCOME is a unique high distribution token paying 20% to it’s HODLers each time transcation is made. Most other coins give you only 2% to 10% rewards.


Keep tokens safely in your own wallet while they give you passive income.


High 20% distribution rewards. Every transaction (sell, buy, sent) distributes 20% over all holders.


Anti dump

Anti pump and dump. 25% Tax on each transaction will demotivate buyers to dump.

High Rewards
Why choosing INCOME?

DeFi is a very exciting way to receive rewards for holding crypto, unfortunately there are too many hacks and scams. Receiving rewards on your tokens while you keep them safe in your own wallet is the future of DeFi. No contracts, no work just auto rewards a true passive way of INCOME. What makes INCOME unique? The main reason is 20% distribution rewards. Most projects reserve a big part of the rewards for liquidity, marketing or even for the team. We believe that the holders should fully benefit from the distribution rewards.

Why should you buy INCOME token?
High Rewards

20% Distribution rewards on each transacation made.

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True Decentralized Defi

Keep INCOME tokens safe in your own wallet and receive distribution rewards in BUSD.

Anti Dump

25% Taxation on each transaction will prevent massive pump and dumps.

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Contract created on Pinksale and will be audited in the near future.

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3rd party buyer

We will buy back tokens using the BUSD distribution rewards in our buy back wallet.

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Dedicated Team

We are here for the long term holders. We will continue our marketing and buy backs.

Roadmap 2020 / 2021
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Phase 1

Contract Developed

Website launched

Whitepaper released

Organic awarness campaign

Presale on PinkSale

Launch on Panckeswap

CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap

5K followers Twitter

5K followers Telegram

1K Holders 


Phase 2

Contract Security Audit

Extra Dex listing

Banner Marketing

Infuencer Marketing

Coinlists Marketing

Start Buy Back

Press releases 

10K followers Twitter

10K followers Telegram

2K Holders

Phase 3

Banner Marketing

CEX Listing

Contiunue Buy Back

More Press releases

3rd Party buyer suprise

Possible utility 

20K followers Twitter

20K followers Telegram

4K Holders


Buy and Sell 25%

 20 % INCOME in BUSD

BUSD Rewards distributed to all Holders holding at least $100 worth of INCOME. This rewards are on of the biggest in the market.

3 % Marketing


Will be added to our marketing budget. Only BUSD rewards given over this budget will be used for marketing

2 % Liquidity

Will be used to add liquidity automaticly so that the token will stay stable and everyone gets a fair change to sell whenever he wants.

1 Billion
Total Token Supply
Token Type
Binance Smart Chain
1 BNB = 1 Mil INCOME
Presale price
Token Distribution
GemCoin Mobile App
All Transactions In Your Pocket

20% BUSD Rewards for Hodlers. Simply keep INCOME in your wallet.